Capitalizing Residual Income


Looking to cash in your chips?
Need capital for a growing business?
Stream Cash should be your first call!


  • Paying top dollar for residual streams or merchant portfolios
  • ISO industry veterans providing free expert portfolio analysis
  • No purchase considered too large or too small
  • Transactions closed in days



As an ISO/MSP in the merchant acquiring industry you undoubtedly have run across a multitude of capital needs.  Good luck getting traditional lending sources and banks to understand the true valuation of a merchant portfolio or residual stream.  Our company was built with your needs in mind.   We help ISO’s throughout the nation gain access to the capital they deserve.    Founded by industry veterans, our company not only understands the complexities of merchant portfolio valuations, but we also strive to give the quick answers and the turnaround you deserve.

Whether you have a monthly residual portfolio that pays you one thousand dollars, or hundreds of thousands of dollars, Stream Cash should be your first call.   We want to be your solution if you’re ready to cash in your chips, or if you just need some capital to invest in the growth of your business.

Stream Cash, LLC was founded by a combination of ISO industry veterans, and finance professionals.  If you feel your company has a need we can fill, please feel free to call Jay Rice or David Edelen at 1-866-976-9666.


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